Aloha and welcome to The Garden.

Kauai Location

We specialize in relaxation and results.  We have the finest skin and body products and treatments – ones that truly make a difference in the way you look and feel. At The Garden, there are no pretentious attitudes, or “fluff,” and we’ll never make you feel like you’re being “processed.”  What you will find is warm hospitality and amazing results that will help make you look your best, feel wonderful, and provide you with a much needed escape from everyday life. You can expect a clean, calming, and nurturing environment in private treatment rooms where we offer a customized experience for you every time.  Our unique garden setting creates an ambiance similar to being on a relaxing Hawaiian vacation!

Massage is a safe therapeutic art, considered by many to be a vehicle for mental, physical, and emotional health. People seek massage for myriad reasons–from simple relaxation to addressing muscular injuries.

Massage sessions provide a safe space for you to relax, reflect, and feel comfortable in your own skin.

Relax your nerve system, improve circulation, restore immune system, increase energy.